Memory Care Services and Family Support

As your Geriatric Care Manager, we understand the difference between ordinary changes in memory or cognitive focus in ordinary aging and that of the client who is developing frontal lobe disorders, dementia or Alzheimers. Our care manager can assist the family in deciding on a medical professional who can provide a correct diagnosis and can guide the family in understanding the day-to-day procedures in caring for their loved one and in directing service that are qualified to give help with care in the home or with a memory support care home, which might be more advantageous to the individual and family.

As part of the assessment and care process, we provide resources in obtaining assistance in referring and obtaining a memory care facility placement and continue the process of helping the individual and family with the change of living environment adjustment through continued individual visits and linkage of information of the clients progress to the family.

Memory Care Assessment

A thorough assessment of individual and family needs is a top priority at the beginning of care management. It provides the professional care consultant the individual and the family with the foundation of what is needed in order to restore the best possible living situation for the individual and family. Such issues as aging in the home, aides to daily living, medical care and provider, medications, bill payment, housekeeping, and meal concerns and transportation and social needs will be assessed.

Family Support Services

So many important issues arise when dealing with an aging loved one. As a loyal supporter of the individual and family, our geriatric care manager can also provide counseling and assistance in obtaining services to meet the personal needs of the family in addition to the individual.

Supporting the family every step of the way.  Another important service we provide is helping the family prepare for what the individual and family may face as time progresses on services and legal, financial, medical and end of life will be needed.  These issues can be overwhelming and we’re here to help ensure needs are met.

Schedule a Phone Consultation

Are you concerned about your loved one’s declining memory function or concerns about the cognitive decline? Just reach out to us at 803-439-3972 and one of our Geriatric Care Manager will be happy to provide a free telephone consultation so that you can be better prepared to determine which services your family member (and you) need.