Complimentary phone consultation to assist your family in addressing concerns and finding solutions.

♦          Perform a comprehensive assessment to set and attain reasonable goals, helping you and your caregiver make life easier for all.

♦          Evaluate and monitor physical, emotional, and psychological needs to provide the best quality of care.

♦          Perform a safety evaluation of your home environment, suggesting any necessary improvements and/or changes to promote maximum safety in the home.

♦          Assess and provide resources to manage legal concerns and create advance directives.

♦          Provide liaison services with medical providers and other professionals. Accompany client and/or family to medical and other appointments to ensure caregivers are kept informed and up to date on issues concerning your care and needs.

♦          Many resource referrals, including but not limited to: paying bills, housekeeping, grocery shopping, yardwork, moving mailbox closer to home to prevent falls, transportation needs, etc.

♦          Educate and monitor caregiver and family to prevent scams.

♦          Promote and assist in activities enjoyable to client to maintain social enjoyment.

♦          Caregiver Support Case Manager will keep your caregiver informed on progress and any needs that arise.



 A complete review of the clients physical condition as reported by his/her physician or nurse practitioner will be obtained  A complete assessment of the clients emotional, psychosocial health, living arrangements, social outlets and social supports, economic and legal concerns including information on advance directives will be accomplished.. The clients safety including safety features in their home and their knowledge of how to handle threats such as home and environmental emergencies will be examined. A   phone consultation at no charge will be offered at the onset of services to help the client and client representatives to identify problem areas and the way the Golden Years Aging Life care manager can best assist them.



 A comprehensive plan of care will be developed from and with the client and client support system from the information given during the client assessment and through continuing work with the client and client support system. During this phase, client needs, frequency and duration of services will be established to assure quality delivery of care through services given to both the client and client support system.



By evaluating the needs of the client and client system, the aging life care manager will be able to offer recommendations for needed services based upon the knowledge of the health care, legal and other services within the community. This would include taking a thorough look at the client’s environment and offering recommendations and possible solutions to unresolved safety issues facing the client. Assisting with selection of and monitoring of services for the client within the home would be offered. Providing accompanying of client to medical visits and providing designated client caregivers with professional knowledge from the medical appointment will be some of the services offered. Helping the disabled client and the senior client with emotional support and direct resources will be the overall goal of the Golden Years Aging Life Care manager. The disabled veteran and senior citizen veterans as well as militarily personnel with disabled family members or senior family members who maybe facing challenges with care are encouraged to call. Give us a chance to determine if we can be of service to you.